Cat food

Our Racinel Nordic-made promise ensures, that every product we make, is tasty, wholesome and safe for your cat.

Our premium-quality, Danish produced cat food reflects the best of the Nordics, from our farm-raised, natural ingredients, to our high nutritional- and food production standards. We are pet owners and nature lovers, who happen to be industry experts dedicated to creating healthier pet food formulas since 1984. Our special blend of scientific and pet nutrition knowledge, as well as our love for pets and nature, goes into every formula.

Racinel Nordic cat food meets or exceeds FEDIAF guidelines, the European standard for dog and cat nutrition.

High-quality protein that gives active cat more of the nutrients they need
We use fresh chicken because, unlike traditional cat feed, it promotes better digestion and better absorption of more of the vital nutrients that cats need. High-quality protein also helps maintain muscle mass and provides essential Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids for healthier skin balance and a shinier coat.

Cat food